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Ranu Welum Foundation presents

Indigenous Celebration Festival 2018

Date Performance : 11 May 2018 - 13 May 2018
Gate Open :
Venue :
Age Restrictions : All ages
Payment Method : DOKU Wallet , ATM , Mandiri KlikPay , BRI E-Pay , Credit Card
Ticket Protector : Not Available

ARMA Museum and Resort,Ubud, Bali ARMA Museum and Resort,Ubud, Bali ARMA Museum and Resort,Ubud, Bali ARMA Museum and Resort,Ubud, Bali
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The First Ever Gathering of Indigenous Peoples in Bali, Indonesia in a spirit of dance, music, wisdom, education, unity and connection. Honoring the Elders, protecting our Mother Earth and uniting the youth through education.

The purpose of this event is to:

- Honor the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples, passed down from their ancestors.

- Celebrate diversity and deep ancestral connections through a spectacular collaborative display of indigenous   music and dance.

- Explore practical ways to live more sustainably and to revitalize our relationship with the planet, mobilizing young people to take a strong role in protecting it.

-  Provide a forum for:

   1. sharing traditions, rituals, stories, art and music

   2. Imparting tribal knowledge to younger generations, inspiring them to carry it   forward into the future

   3. sharing local wisdom and culture value to audience

This is a non-profit event, and any money left over from ticket sales (for the events at ARMA) and sponsorships will be donated to registered Indonesian Yayasan and charities that preserve the culture and environment of indigenous communities. All schools are welcome to attend the daily workshops at Arma with special price. The public will be able to purchase tickets to the music and dance events at ARMA during the event or by online before the event.

The Indigenous Celebration event recognizes the special wisdom of indigenous peoples and their unique relationship with the environment. It celebrates their role as great teachers, storytellers and poets of life. It is imperative that this legacy is shared, and passed on to younger generations. We are committed to ensuring that the gathering will form a part of this vital process


Afternoon   :   - Workshop

                       - Exhibition (food, art, handcraft, local products, photobooth, etc)

Evening      :   Celebration and performance

Collaborative partners which will provide the venues for the arts and education aspects of

this event. The indigenous performance groups will also have opportunities to share their

practice with each other and collaborate to prepare a combined work, which will be the

highlight of the final night performance.


Producer          : Ranu Welum Foundation

Organizer         : Antida Music Productions

Partners           : Taksu Photo Gallery, EL Creative Production, Green School, Tri Handkichefs

Communities   : Indigenous Communities, Artist from Indonesia and International, Activist/NGO’s,

                          School, etc.

Audience         : Students, Tourists, Expats, National & International


International  : Australian Aboriginal, Maori, Lakota, Navajo

Indonesia      : Dayak Iban, Dayak Ngjau, Dayak Maanyan, Dayak Kenyah, Dayak Kaayan,

                        Balinese, Toraja, Sumatera Banakat, Sumba, Halmahera, Ngata Toro, West Timor,

                        Papua, Aceh, Toraja


The Festival Committee takes no responsibility for lost or stolen of your belongings. By purchasing your Indigenous Celebration Festival 2018 tickets, you accept the following Terms & Conditions. Committee Festival and its representatives, with the exception of gross negligence or willful misconduct, shall not be held liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularity that may be occasioned for any reason by ticket holders attending the festival venues, including but not limited to: death, personal injury, illness, delay or cancellation of scheduled performances and loss of or damage to personal property.

We encourage you to buy your ticket in advance, to avoid disappointment if the workshops or concerts are sold out. If passes are still available, however, onsite purchases can be made by cash (Indonesian rupiah) or credit card. Bring your ticket or e-ticket and exchange it with Wristband Ticket on our Ticket Booth at venue during the event. Your Wristband Ticket must be worn to gain re-entry to the venue during any single session or day. Any damaged or altered wristbands will be considered NULL and VOID.


  • Ticketing Staff reserves the right to demand proof of eligibility for ticket purchase.

  •  You MUST attach your wristband prior to entering the venue.

  • Wristband are not transferable to another person and must be presented on demand.

  • Your wristband must be worn to gain re-entry to the venue during any single session or day.

  • Any damaged or altered wristband will be considered NULL and VOID.


The holder grants permission to Management to utilize the holder’s image, likeness, actions and statements in any live or recorded audio, video, film, or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the Event in any medium or context for any purpose, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization or compensation.

The holder of the ticket grants the promoter the right to use their image/likeness as captured on film, video or any other electronic medium being utilized at the event, and further understands that such images will likely be used to promote future events.

Those attending give their consent to their appearance in images recorded by any type of medium for subsequent informative, promotional and/or commercial dissemination of the Festival and authorization for the use thereof. The said images may appear in any medium or format worldwide and indefinitely.


The following items are forbidden on the Festival grounds:

  • Alcohol and illegal drugs or substances

  • Food & Beverages

  • Animals (except guide dogs)

  • Long lens cameras and audio recording equipment

Festival Committee or a representative reserves the right to inspect all bags and containers. No busking/performing is permitted, without prior permission from the Event Manager. No distribution of flyers or pamphlets and no soliciting or fundraising of any kind is permitted on the Festival grounds, grounds entrances, or parking lots. The recording or photography of any workshop or live performance taking place on the Festival grounds (or at any other venue featuring a performance billed as a Festival event) with a longlens camera, video recording device of any kind, or audio recording device is strictly prohibited without first securing the permission and authorization of the Event Manager. The Event Manager reserves the right to expel from the Festival grounds and confiscate recordings from anyone engaged in these activities without permission. No person shall interfere with plants, water fixtures, or any other installation within the venue.


For the safety and enjoyment of all Festival guests, volunteers, and staff, festival committee reserves the right to accept or reject any participant at any time without liability, in any event it determines appropriate, at its sole and exclusive discretion. The Festival is under no obligation to any such participant who disrupts the harmony of the Festival to pay a refund of amount, following expulsion from the Festival grounds.Festival committee is not responsible or liable for any participant who leaves the Festival grounds prior to its conclusion or for any activity undertaken by any participant outside of the Festival grounds.

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  • Non-Refundable, Tiket yang sudah dibeli dan dikonfirmasi tidak dapat dikembalikan atau ditukar.
    Non-Refundable, Tickets purchased and confirmed cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • Metode pembayaran yang tersedia adalah transfer Bank / ATM (Hanya ATM yang diterbitkan oleh bank di Indonesia), Visa / Kartu Kredit Guru, KlikBCA Online, dan EPAY BRI.
    The payment methods available are Bank Transfer / ATM (only ATM issued by Indonesian banks), Visa/Master Credit Card, KlikBCA Online, and ePay BRI.
  • Pembeli akan dikenakan biaya layanan (Order Processing Fee) / tiket dan jika pembayaran menggunakan kartu kredit dikenakan biaya 3%
    Buyers will be charged a service fee (Order Processing Fee) / tickets and if payment by credit card will be charged 3%.
  • Semua pelanggan diwajibkan untuk mengisi Data Pribadi untuk melakukan pembelian.
    All customers are obliged to fill Personal Data to make a purchase.
  • Semua pelanggan diwajibkan untuk membawa KTP untuk menukarkan dengan tiket fisik.
    All customers are obliged to bring Identity Card to exchange physical ticket.
  • Penjualan tiket oleh Rajakarcis bisa dihentikan atau dimulai oleh Rajakarcis berdasarkan kebijakan promotor (penyelengara acara).
    Rajakarcis selling’s could be stopped or started by Rajakarcis per promoter (Committee) policy.

Syarat dan ketentuan berlaku jika tidak ada informasi tambahan :
Term and condition applied if there's no additional information

  • Pelanggan yang menggunakan metode pembayaran Kartu Kredit, wajib membawa Kartu Kredit untuk penukaran tiket (fotokopi tidak diperbolehkan).
    Customers who use Credit Card payment method, is obliged to bring Credit Card to exchange ticket (Photocopy is not allowed).
  • Penukaran voucher Tiket akan diinformasikan melalui website, email, Twitter, atau pesan teks SMS.
    Voucher Exchange to Tickets will be informed via website, email, Twitter, or SMS text messages
  • Voucher dari Rajakarcis tidak berfungsi sebagai tiket masuk (harus ditukar dengan tiket fisik).
    Voucher of Rajakarcis does not function as entry ticket (have to be exchanged with physical ticket).