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KLY presents

XYZ DAY 2018

Date Performance : 25 Apr 2018
Gate Open :
Venue :
Age Restrictions : All ages
Payment Method : Credit Card , DOKU Wallet , ATM , Mandiri KlikPay , BRI E-Pay
Ticket Protector : Not Available

The Hall,Senayan City Lt 8, Jakarta 09:00
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XYZ DAY 2018


XYZ Day 2018 is a one-day multi-generational inspiration conference presented by KapanLagiYouniverse (KLY),a group of media:,,,,,,,,,, and

XYZ Day 2018 offers insight and learning on How to Win XYZ Generations Through Digital Content.


The event will be held on:

Day/Time: Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Venue: The Hall Senayan City 8th Floor, Jakarta Pusat

Conference Time: 10.30 AM – 5 PM

Creator Award Time: 6-10 PM


Learn directly from the expert at the conference session:NajwaShihab, RadityaDika, RiaRicis, Ernest Prakasa, DeddyCorbuzier, David Suwarto, SaiihHalilintar, Hanggini, Lala Timothy, PidiBaiq and many more.


Join us for the first awarding night for Indonesian content creators, who have contributed their creativity in the industry and you will be entertain by Duo "Skinny Indonesian 24", KuntoAji, Barasuara and DiphaBarus.


Support your favorite content creator by vote at


Are you ready to win Generation X, Y and Z?

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    Non-Refundable, Tickets purchased and confirmed cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • Metode pembayaran yang tersedia adalah transfer Bank / ATM (Hanya ATM yang diterbitkan oleh bank di Indonesia), Visa / Kartu Kredit Guru, KlikBCA Online, dan EPAY BRI.
    The payment methods available are Bank Transfer / ATM (only ATM issued by Indonesian banks), Visa/Master Credit Card, KlikBCA Online, and ePay BRI.
  • Pembeli akan dikenakan biaya layanan (Order Processing Fee) / tiket dan jika pembayaran menggunakan kartu kredit dikenakan biaya 3%
    Buyers will be charged a service fee (Order Processing Fee) / tickets and if payment by credit card will be charged 3%.
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    All customers are obliged to fill Personal Data to make a purchase.
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    All customers are obliged to bring Identity Card to exchange physical ticket.
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    Rajakarcis selling’s could be stopped or started by Rajakarcis per promoter (Committee) policy.

Syarat dan ketentuan berlaku jika tidak ada informasi tambahan :
Term and condition applied if there's no additional information

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    Customers who use Credit Card payment method, is obliged to bring Credit Card to exchange ticket (Photocopy is not allowed).
  • Penukaran voucher Tiket akan diinformasikan melalui website, email, Twitter, atau pesan teks SMS.
    Voucher Exchange to Tickets will be informed via website, email, Twitter, or SMS text messages
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    Voucher of Rajakarcis does not function as entry ticket (have to be exchanged with physical ticket).